1. One way to get the ignorant off the road. Cant wear the seatbelt required by law to be worn. Nope no pity from me. He got what was comin to him for his ignorance.


  2. Would you still say the same if that was your friend or a family member?


  3. My sincerest condolences to friends and family of the Driver….RIP Driver.


  4. one would have to wonder seat belt or not, would he have survived.



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  5. Sad sad sad. This is a dangerous profession we are in. Could happen to any one of us for one reason or another God forbid…


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  6. REO6205

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    Really? Wow.


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  7. Geez,looking at that I was thinking “Where’s the rest of the truck?”. Then I saw what was left of the cab. It was an International 8400 series tractor but I wonder where the chassis went.
    R.I.P. driver.
    Possible medical emergency or fell asleep behind the wheel maybe?
    If the accident occurred around 4 am either the driver was doing a graveyard shift or an early morning run-and if that was the case the driver may have been still trying to “wake up”.


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