Hey guys, I am currently an Owner Op out of Calgary Alberta for TransX, I routinely fight with planners because of load times, and operations because of unpaid wait time. I am normally early for EVERY load I get put on. I mean like 6+ hours early. Earliest being 29 hours. I honestly don’t know how these guys make a living taling the time they do. Anyway.

I am looking at Landstar and to eventually get my own reefer, only bad thing is the orientation only shows that day for loads so I actually have no concept of loads leaving western Canada or how things work at landstar for Canadian guys. If someone would take a few minutes to answer a few questions of mine I would appreciate it.
Big ones are.
How are loads coming out of the west?
Can you get home easily when you want to?
How is the pay structure?
What do you roughly make a mile?
How does the pay work for you?
Is it a worthwhile venture?



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