It is very possible to make money with a lease purchase truck and I have talked to many that made it work. I know people that made it work with Prime, Swift, and Schneider and completed their lease and got their trucks paid off.

Here is what they have in common:
– They live in their truck with very little bills at home
– They run every and anywhere without comming home for months or seasons at a time.
– They got brand new trucks and have minimal maintenance issues.
– They are savers and put most of their settlements in savings.

Most people cannot do the things above so they will fail. Also, if their truck starts to have unresolve maintenance issues, they will fail because time is money. Once you are behind a few weeks of payment, it will be very difficult to catch up on bills.

Because most used trucks will have issues, most of us need home time with families, and the freight is unstable and always swing up and downs, the likely chance of succeeding in completing a lease is very low. Of all the people I talked to about lease, only about 5% of them worked out for them. Most of them failed because truck was in the shop too much.



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