Link Mfg. has unveiled its new 52K Air Link Gen 3 tandem drive suspension, focusing on the needs of those using heavy vocational equipment that runs on 315 tires.

While dump trucks and refuse vehicles are often pressed into service during winter cleanups, tire chains can damage a traditional suspension and undercarriage on equipment with 315 tires because of inadequate clearance, the company says.

Weighing in at 875 lb., the new offering is 50 lb. lighter than its predecessor, and it comes with an extended three-year warranty.

The hanger brackets have been lengthened, heavy-duty dampers have been moved forward, center bushing have been raised, and the vertical distance between the trailing arm and walking beam pivots have been optimized.

The suspension’s anti-corrosive polyurethane bushings don’t require lubrication, and trailing arm bushings can be easily replaced with hanging brackets left in place. There are also extra-large bearing surfaces, and no future adjustments are needed after the wheel alignment is set.

The 52K Air Link Gen 3 also features larger, high-volume, low-frequency air springs that deliver a smoother ride whether the vehicle is loaded or empty, Link says. The ride height is maintained by dual height-control valves, maximizing roll stability.

The Air Link suspension was originally developed to operate in extreme settings like Canada’s oil fields and remote logging areas.



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