1. So this video has been popping up in my suggested videos on youtube for awhile now and the other day I finally clicked on it and watched it…twice. I seriously am considering pulling the trigger on one but would love to hear some fed back from guys that are running one or at least laid hands on one. They seem to be much more popular in Canada so maybe the Canadian guys can chime in. Ive tried to look for some reviews and they’re scattered around the web with most being directly on Lode Kings website and Id rather not go off of the ones the manufacturer chooses to publish online. I am really digging the flush mounted top ramps and they caught my attention over most all of the other features but I actually like the setup as whole but of course no dealers near me have one I can go take a look at.


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  2. I pulled a Lode King tandem step for about 1.5 years.
    The Lode King trailer is a great trailer.
    They are about 900# heavier than the Doepker trailer that is also made in western Canada (if built to the same specs). The company I was leased to had some of each and at that time (99 to 2005) the Lode King step was a strong but more flexible unit. I believe that the difference is in the way they were rated at the time(more and thicker knee braces and lower crosspipes) and the transition on the Doepker was a bit stronger.
    This was before the Renown model was designed, so i do not have any experience with them, but I like what I see in their video.
    If I was to order that trailer tomorrow I would cut down the # of D-rings and add their heavy duty chain pull-ups every 2 or 4 feet, 2 tool boxes and all fixed winches at 4 ft spacing but staggered on each side so that you have effectively 2 ft spacing. also dual winch tracks with enough winches to keep that staggered spacing.
    That 3 axle trailer should weigh in at about 13500# I would guess.


  3. Thanks man, I would likely get t setup much like you said you would. I dont think id get any D rings I would op for all recessed chain ties as well. Im waiting on a call from them to go over all options and get a quote, if they can keep in under 50k USD I think lll get the ball rolling


  4. Nice looking trailer.
    What are the main things that you haul?


  5. I enjoy equipment hauling more then anything else. But ultimately if the rate make sense Ill pull it.


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  6. Also just found out that in the US the company does not go by Lode King they are sold under the name Prestige here.


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  7. Consider dealing with Wallhalla ND sales as I believe they are a direct sales office from the factory. If you pick it up at the Wallhalla office you will save considerably on the freight cost, about 30 or 70 miles depending on what customs broker they use.
    I would also order a pair of risers to fit the step. I would go with the 225/70R22.5 tires giving you a deck height of 40 to 42″ and you might think about a sliding spread axle setup (they have been building them for 20 years).


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  8. Keep in mind the good old U.S treasury will still want 12% excise tax on the purchase price.


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  9. We have a 2018. Great trailer, very versatile. Ours has the ramps to the upper deck as well.


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  10. Artesian Spas LV to DEN.jpg


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