True. But the conditions are that you cannot exceed 13 driving or 14 total during your shift.

Because of the ‘day’ concept (the period of 24 hours covered by your log sheet, usually midnight til midnight) and the fact that 8 hours off duty lets you start a new shift it’s possible to exceed 13 driving/14 on duty in a single ‘day’ while not exceeding 13 driving/14 on duty in a single shift.

If you finish your day at 2 am, take 8 hours off and start again at 10 am you have a new shift available but have already used 2 hours of your ‘day’ by going past midnight. That is where the deferral comes in.

The point being that the deferral does not change the shift limits but will allow you to log more than 14 hours on duty in a single ‘day’ that includes parts of two separate shifts.



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