Well I love my current company but it’s time to move on. They’ve always been willing to work with my home time requests in the past but are now denying it saying they can’t. I requested one week off after being out for 2 months. Talked to my dm’s boss and he told me the same so I respectfully told them I love driving for them but I love my family more and put in my two weeks notice.

I have 10 months OTR experience hauling reefer. X and T endorsements on license. 1 minor preventable from my first month solo(trailer clipped a mirror backing into a spot). 1 ticket for going down a load zoned road(no points). Home zip is 75831. Looking to keep hauling reefer or maybe give tankers a try. Wanting a company that doesn’t mind me taking a week off if I stay out for a couple months or more.

I’ve done some research on here and looking at DOT Transportation so far. They seem to be a good company with flexible home time options. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated.



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