1. Is anyone seeing a terrible trend on Dat load board? I’m seeing rates since January decline very fast. Currently I’m doing hotshot loads. I’m seeing rates not even being paid at $1.45 a mile. Today I’m seeing load going for 1.12 or even less see picture attached. What’s going on?



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  2. When did you start your business?


  3. Huh? Lol


  4. I have about a year and 5 months. Things weren’t this bad last year.


  5. True, even though February is the slowest month, this year is worse than before


  6. February is a good month for visiting friends and family. I just get a load near where i want to be and then hang out for awhile and then get another to move to another place I want to be. As long as I pay the bills for the month that’s good enough.


  7. The first quarter alwayz sux just enjoy some family time. An hit it hard when rates pick up


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  8. Last year wasn’t a normal year, it was a perfect storm for good rates. Anyone that could fog a mirror could be profitable.The rates have normalized, better tighten the operation up and learn to be profitable under these conditions.


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  9. Really, first quarter seems to be the best part of the year for me, and then the brokers all forget their New Years resolution to say no to stupidly cheap freight and it goes downhill, but that’s hopper work.


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