I’m getting random loss of engine power (especially on hills) and in higher gears occasional misfiring on my t680 with 400k miles. Google yields others having this caused by various things from simple senser/wiring issues to the ECM itself. Been happening the past few days and slowly getting worse.

Thought I could finish my load and put my truck in the shop (fortunately a half mile from the final) but now 110 miles away I suddenly have a dpf full warning and a much bigger derate. Already driven 7 hours today so it should have cleaned while driving, right? Really debating if I should believe that it’s full givin the existing engine problem. Maybe a false reading if the ECM is bad.

What would the rest of you do? Limp the 110 miles to a shop at 30mph (at 2am so no traffic) or call a tow truck?



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