The latest award news to come out of the EPA’s SmartWay Program is the SmartWay Excellence Award. It’s the highest honor for any carrier or transportation provider in the program. That’s because this is only given to a small percentage–the top 1 percent of the emissions-reducing trucking companies or operators in a period. Learn more about the benefits of the SmartWay Excellence Award for winning carrier LTI, Inc. aka Lynden freight shipping and logistics.

LTI in Alaska and Washington

The SmartWay Excellence Award was presented to the trucking company, LTI, for the fourth time. In order to be able to get the rating to elevate the company to this status, Lynden and it’s Milky Way division of refrigerated haulers eliminated quite a lot of carbon monoxide via diesel emissions, as well as nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions. The way that this trucking company, which has office locations in Anchorage, AK and Seattle, WA, does this is with the support of its drivers.

Reducing Fuel Use for Drivers

tanker trucks for lyndenThe truck drivers working at LTI are provided with the opportunity to participate in a driver incentive program. This program rewards drivers for having better fuel economy. You are able to get a driver pay bonus based on weekly data about your fuel use. The company states that its drivers are using some tried and true techniques to minimize fuel use.

These include slowing down driver speed, reducing idling times, using progressive shifting, and lowering engine RPMs. Several of the drivers on the Lynden fleet have scored a 100 percent rating on the company’s incentive program. This shows that it works in terms of getting drivers on the right track with fuel savings. As a result, drivers at LTI are getting more than just a pay raise. They are also proud to be part of this award-winning fleet.

Jason Jansen is the president of LTI. He had this to report on the award-winning recognition for the company: “LTI, Inc. and Milky Way have established a track record as environmental leaders and continuous improvement is a hallmark of the company. “We are focused on investing in modern, ultra-lightweight, and aerodynamic equipment and working with drivers to improve fuel economy. Our drivers are truly the driving force behind the statistics. Our fuel economy achievements are a testament to the great people we have and to their dedication to operating efficiently while serving our customers.”

Finding a Trucking Job in the PNW

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