Steering a Mack Anthem will be a smoother experience than ever with the introduction of the optional Mack Command Steer.

Available by June, the advanced active steering system adds an electric motor to the existing hydraulic steering system, reducing driver effort by up to 85%.

Sensors mounted throughout the truck monitor road conditions, along with driver inputs and environmental elements, at a rate of more than 2,000 times per second. The electric motor then applies extra torque to the steering as required.

Even under normal conditions, Mack Command Steer helps to ease the driving experience in the face of potholes and other road irregularities, the company says.

It means that drivers won’t have to fight the wheel on rough roads or in poor weather, says Stu Russoli, Mack highway product manager.

“If the driver’s comfortable relaxed and refreshed all day long, he’s going to be productive,” he adds. “With Mack Command Steering, we’re helping reduce driver fatigue and muscle strain by up to 30%.”

Mack Command Steer also features a return-to-zero feature that automatically returns the steering wheel to the center position, helping with maneuvers in tight spaces.

“If you’re going very slow speeds, you’re parking … it’s very easy to turn the wheel. It’s a one-handed turn,” Russoli says. “As you go faster down the road it tightens up, so you get the road feel.”


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