The auto I had in 2001 required the truck to be off a minimum of one hour each 7 days so it can dump it’s buffer. If it is never off (Team truck) then it will brick and need a tow to reinstall by software. It also needs to have a manual mode where you can force it to stay in gear all day upgrade or down without additional software time limits etc. It will featuer a method to shift with manually as well. Usually a paddle.

Got about 6.8 ish.

Now I would die with a manual transmission in my hand, either a 13, 15 or 18. It matters not which of the three to me. I am less concerned with fuel mileage going into winter as I am concerned with being able to buy 340 gallons every other day and 100 of reefer without limitation. I always fill at half tanks.

Get about 5.9 give or take one depending on situation. Anything above 12% becomes a fuel per hour burn problem.

There is nothing else expected or wanted in a auto. No collision radar. No satellite support for grades, no company imposed software lockouts or disabling of features etc. None of that.

The manual needs to be in a truck able to use it’s full engine rated red line and a jacobs system. Not retarder. Speeds can be governed at 75 which covers 90% of the USA anyway safely. But the engine needs to have it’s full range. No idle limits and a APU on there as well as a bunk heater.

Everything else will just have to take care of itself. DEF etc. Its pretty basic on my end, my needs. Unfortunately many trucks out there are not configured this way that I prefer. SO…. my options would be limited.

Now a little bit on me. Pending a important scan I may or may not get back into running medicine to support west coast teams and have been out of trucking since about 2010 more or less. And have had alot of other issues resolved along the way. I talk like i am actually rolling one now, but no. Not yet. Maybe. I already had a lifetime at this trucking stuff so Im old and set in my ways.

Finally but not least, the engine needs to be a minimum of 515 hp. Anything less is not sufficient. IF I get back into it sometime next year or later I know what I want and what the company will have to find a very old iron tractor in the back of the lot for me. And they will be happy to do it when the time comes.



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