WINNIPEG, Man. – Maxim Truck and Trailer flipped a lot pancakes Dec. 5, raising $27,202 for the Christmas Cheer Board of Winnipeg.

With over 450 Manitobans attending the annual charity event, not only did people open their wallets, they also donated a full palette of non-perishable food items for the cause, as well as a donation of surplus food to Siloam Mission.

“I believe if you have the capacity to give, you should,” said Maxim president Troy Hamilton. “Whether it’s time or money, it’s important to me that our company has a culture of giving back.”

Maxim employees, customers, suppliers, friends, and family made the event possible.

The Christmas Cheer Board of Winnipeg offers assistance to families in the province receiving social assistance, as well as others in need of support.

The event was held at Maxim’s head office in Winnipeg, Man. The company has 18 branch offices and over 600 employees in 11 Canadian cities.


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