1. Looking at May Trucking and was wondering how accurate the home time is? They say 1 day for every 7 days. Accurate? Wanting to do regional/11 western states.


  2. Most companies will tell you 1 day off for every 7 worked, but actually getting it isn’t always reality. About all I know regarding May is their nickname, “Low Pay May”.


  3. Yea, thinking I need a dedicated account. Wonder if Wil-trans would be better.


  4. Colorado can be kind of tough. Maybe @Chinatown will chime in with some suggestions.


  5. Find out what speed they run. They seem really slow.


  6. I worked for them for just over a year. Slow trucks (61 mph) and low CPM (.39 after a year). Although I heard they were raising it a few cents. Otherwise good company. Straight forward, responsive, supportive. They’ll give you the time off they say but you need to request off as far ahead of time as possible. Their rule is each DM can only have 2 drivers off at a time.


  7. Is Wil-trans associated with Jim Palmer? If so be careful. Jim Palmer required a year contract that would’ve cost me $3,500 to get out of. May is a good company but the trucks are slow and pay is low. Western 11 is sort of like a dedicated route. It’s a lot of I-5 and I-84.


  8. Yea supposedly there is a few cents increase in the works but it hasn’t happened yet.. they need it soon. They are good about getting you home when asked. Trucks are slow 61. It’s a ” here are your keys deliver the freight on time” and that’s about it. If you stay fine if you leave that’s fine too we got plenty we can start lower than you..no extras at all. I know a million miler there no accidents nothing got a jacket, gee thanks..no extras. It’s very basic some longer runs for OTR but not as many as before. Newer trucks..do watch your idle, you can be docked for it, no APU. Like any other company how well you do depends on your dm, heard good and bad..


  9. It’s .38 to start as of 2 months ago. You get all your standard accessory pay, plus milestones and performance pay.


  10. What that $12 idle bonus? What kind of milestone and performance bonus? Must be a new thing?


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