McLeod Software has updated its transportation management software to include a new carrier app for brokers, and introduced improvements for customer service teams.

PowerBroker Version 20.1 has the new Carrier App to connect brokers to carriers and drivers, using a secure connection to the PowerBroker system. That means logistics companies using PowerBroker will be able to deploy some of the same capabilities promoted by “digital brokers” that engage carriers with mobile apps, the company says.

Drivers and office staff alike will be able to view and search loads, while carriers can change their driver profile information, preferred lanes, and available tractor information. Operations and administration staff can use a single login to access the same tools as the driver.

Brokers can send order offers directly to carrier administrators or carrier drivers. The drivers can view, accept, counter or decline loads through the app.

Brokers who use McLeod’s Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) can also be alerted as soon as a driver accepts a load, and send load confirmations back to the driver or their home office.






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