Our industry is kinda fucked up. You don’t need to be smart to be a trucker, so honestly overall we’re kinda dumb and got extremely taken advantage of and allowed ourselves to be more overworked than pretty much any other industry and so the government had to step in so that our dumb asses would quit driving for 36 hours straight every day because we think that not ever taking time for yourself and resting is somehow a virtue.

So now instead of 40 hour work weeks with weekends off it’s pretty much mandatory that we drive every day for 10 hours.

The rules are:

You’re only allowed to be on Duty for 70 hours in a given 7 day period. The only way to get hours back on your 7 day clock are to either go off duty for 34 hours to get your entire clock back, or rely on getting the hours back from 8 days ago.

Also, you’re only allowed to drive up to 11 hours any given day. (Read: It’s pretty much mandatory that you drive 10 hours every day). In order to get drive time back you need to log 10 hours off duty.

You can’t drive after being on duty for 14 hours until you get 10 hours off duty. So even if you’ve only driven for 2 hours if you went on duty 14 hours ago you’re not legally allowed to drive any more until you get your reset.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the job, but drivers have been severely taken advantage of and it kinda needs to change. Spending your entire waking life working is not a virtue. But somehow recognizing that you’re a human being who needs rest and having a life outside of work is seen as a bad thing and now we’re kinda being exploited.

The 70 hour work week should be there for truckers who absolutely are workoholics with no lives outside of trucking. It should have never become the industry standard.


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