1. Hello all, my question is a little complicated but try to bear with me. I recently got a medical card, I did it on my own through a private doctor I personally knew. I have borderline high blood pressure due to anxiety but managed to get a just barely passable reading (138/89) after two other high readings taken earlier in the day (150/99 and 161/95). I thought I was in the clear but recently found out that the company interested in hiring me requires me to get another card issued through their own clinic (a major chain, rhymes with boncentra) . These clinics are notorious for referring out and denying cards, especially for things like sleep apnea and high blood pressure. I’m entirely sure my HBP is anxiety related, but a random doctor doesn’t know or care about my medical history and I have no insurance and can’t afford to see a specialist on my own. I need to know if I attend this appointment and get a high reading, or some other health concern, will it void my current card? In California your license can be suspended for a medical card issue and I can not afford to lose my license especially when I already have a valid card on file. My appointment is in two days and I need to make a decision by then. The job im up for would be ideal but if my card could be voided it isn’t worth the risk and I’ll keep looking. Thanks in advance for your help…


  2. I have heard that some people have been known to borrow a couple of high blood pressure pills from a friend and take them the day before, just what I have heard, not sure if that really works or not.
    I do know that some folks blood pressure goes up when they go in to take a physical, doctors have a name for it, but I forget what it is called.


  3. I like the above advise. Find some bp pills and take them just to pass the test.


  4. What does PITA mean? I only have experience with Concentra from about 10 years ago when I first got my CDL to work for a slave labor starter company. My BP was high normal but I was in top physical condition with a very healthy BMI. The doctor “passed” me but still found some issue with my lung function and wheezing and suggested I see a pulmonary doctor ‍♂️. I’ve heard horror stories from other drivers about having to spend 1200 on sleep apnea studies after leaving there simply for having a fat neck…


  5. pita+ pain in the backside. lol


  6. Haha, makes sense. And sounds about accurate from what I’ve heard. Now if only i had a plug for the BP pills. As long as the (possibly negative) results won’t void my current card, it’s worth the risk, but that right there is the million dollar question…


  7. From what I understand, the pills themselves will not fail you.


  8. Sometimes I’d pass when the nurse used a larger size cuff. That can make a big difference.
    Some of those people that take your blood pressure have no idea what they’re doing.
    If you will, ask for a large cuff; tell the person that’s what always been used on you in the past.


  9. With pills you get a 12 mos. card. Without pills you get a 2 yr. card.
    The time I slipped up and said I was on pills, they slapped me with a one year card and took my two yr. card.


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