Ok I’ve searched this and found nothing but negative advice on every thread, so I thought I’d share my story. Before anyone gets the wrong idea here I’m not a drug kinda person. I might have smoked it 3-4 times in high school, that’s it. I’ve suffered from chronic back pain and sciatica for years and have a list the length of my arm the things I’ve done and medications I’ve had without relief. Medical marijuana works for me, it’s given me more relief than the 20+ pills/day I was taking. I don’t smoke it, I cook with it and eat it. Once a day, an hour or so before bed. Onto the story…

Just finished up the application process with Day & Ross on Friday and it stated in the application that drug and alcohol testing was mandatory. I filled out out the application and told the guy in the office that I had a prescription for medical marijuana so I’d obviously test positive. He wasn’t sure what to say. I figured I’d never hear from them again.
An hour later he called back. He’d spoken with the head office and once my doctor assures them it won’t affect my daily tasks the job is mine. They were very pleased and almost surprised I came forward and thanked me several times. I just wanted to post this so other people with a marijuana prescription would know it might not affect their chances of employment. If a large carrier like Day and Ross is ok with it and the broker I’ll be driving for I think other carriers will do the same. Now I know I can’t go into the US (was never the plan) and I don’t know much about the way the US carriers would handle the same situation, but the point of this thread was to let people know, ITS POSSIBLE!



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