1. any o/o’s out there that work for mercer . good company or bad just checking around have heard good things about them.


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  2. check out my thread under motor carriers its my experience as a mercer flatbed


  3. ok thanks for the help


  4. Does mercer train flatbed ? Just the general concept of secure ment etc tarping


  5. Yes they do.


  6. oscar beat me to it, sent you a pm also


  7. I’ve been here just under year and think it’s the best I’ve seen. Mercer really takes care of its drivers. All O/O.
    They let you go where you want, haul what you want. Literlally let you chose your loads.
    We average 2 per mile to the truck.
    Also get big fuel discount, approx. 30 cents per gallon.


  8. If I ever went to lease to a carrier again Mercer would be 1,2,3 on my list….if I would have started there I wouldn’t have my own authority. They treat me very well so I can only imagine how they do there in house operators


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  9. I have spoken to a number of owner operators over the years who are leased to Mercer. Most seem to be doing well. They also seem to treat their owner operators fairly.


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  10. I actually went from my own authority to leaseing here. And now making more money with less headaches.


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