I’m being tortured onboard my company truck with what I believe is a microwave weapon. It is some kind of weapon installed in my truck by the trucking company to torture me. It is hooked to the power of the truck and only works when the kill-switch is on, but goes away when I turn it off. Swift Transportation did this to me when I took my truck into one of their shops. When I got it back, I could feel right away that something was seriously wrong. I’ve been being tortured by them for almost a year now. It’s agony. They are doing it to try and force me into a truck lease. I am pretty sure that is the motive.
For any naysayers, no this is not some mistake or less of an extreme situation than it sounds, It is some sort of weaponization of my truck by what I believe is a microwave weapon. I’m not oversensitive to electronics or anything. This is electronic warfare being used against me by a company to try and force me to do something, which it seems apparent to me, is to lease one of their trucks, since I have refused to do this. I think this is the motive because they used to send me truck lease ads over my qualcomm every other day or so and this has completely stopped since they started the torture, and that has been for almost a year.
I have not tried to go to the police or anyone for fear of being called crazy and losing me license. I’ve just driven everyday and suffered. I sleep with the power to my truck off in both extreme cold and heat. I freeze in the winter and am too hot in the summer. It’s human torture being perpetrated against me by Swift for their truck lease program and trying to bully me into a contract with them. This is how I have been forced to live and drive.
I’m looking for another company, but have had to do some other things in my life first. If one company does it though and gets away with it, others are likely to try and pull the same thing.
What I feel from what I am claiming to be a weapon is hard to explain. It kinda makes my whole body just feel like its crumbling. It feels very grotesque. It also immediately makes my joints ache and keeps me feeling very tired and weak all day. I can feel the force of it hit me as soon as I power the truck up for the day at the end of a 10 hour break. When I get out of the truck, I start to recover fast and and within about an hour I feel normal again. Then, when I get back into it, it all starts all over again. I just feel I am being murdered.
Also, I should mention that they did this almost exactly at my one year anniversary with them. I think that was their way of telling me they waited long enough for me to lease.


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