Wassup y’all. I am restarting my daily posts of life out on the road working as an OTR driver for millis. My previous thread sort of went down the tubes, so I’m starting fresh on this thread. I’ll be giving a daily account of my time out here so that people looking into starting a career in trucking and working for Millis can get an idea of what to expect. I have 3 other threads, and pretty much every question you may have about Millis can be answered by reading them. The thread titled “Millis Transfer training school” details my time at the Trenton, Ohio school. The thread titled “On the road with Millis” details my time after school with my trainer. The thread titled “On the road with Millis” details my time after my trainer, driving in my own truck. If you have questions that aren’t answered in those threads, please feel free to post questions in the last thread I mentioned. That thread is still active and being followed by several current drivers, including me. There are also a couple former drivers that follow that thread and chime in from time to time. All of them, like me, are happy to help you. You are also free to send me a pm or email me at truckmail73@gmail.com Please…post your questions on the last thread. Thanks in advance for doing that. Alright, my first real post will be coming later this evening or tomorrow morning while I’m unloading. Until then, be safe out there in Truckerland. Keep the rubber side down.


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