Well, not entirely a “young” man- 42- but look and feel like I’m in my 30’s.

I wanted to post my situation and get any advice or guidance from other drivers.

Lived my whole life in Florida, and have 1 year 8 months total experience all hazmat chemical tanker with a total of 2 companies. Single/ never married/ no kids. Currently not working , with a contract to sell my house here south of Jacksonville at the end of January. Most recently came off the road with a pretty good tanker outfit to find something local- found something but realized I’m sick and tired of living in this swamp of a state. And really want to get back into a truck, but mostly want to live out West. Always have. Fell in love with New Mexico and Utah. But may be open to other states minus California. I know New Mexico gets a bad rap- especially Albuquerque , where I have been researching heavily. But could really see myself retiring somewhere in New Mexico when it comes time.

I have used the search function to good results on this forum to gain information related to my plans , but thought putting my thoughts out there may get a better result.

So my plan is currently to sell my house and take savings to relocate completely to either 1) Albuquerque, NM 2) Tucson, AZ 3) Maybe Nevada 4) SLC Utah – I would have enough to get a place at least temporary or an apartment with living expenses covered for a good while while looking for work.

I would really like to find something local, but would not be opposed to OTR or regional (concentrating on Western 11 Ideally)

Just wondering, am I dreaming here? Asking for too much? Haven’t been in the seat since late July, but feel I would be an asset to any company I go with. No accidents or disciplinary actions- clean record Hazmat/ TWIC / and passport. Only issue I see would be my gap in employment, and not having a total 2 years experience.

I realize it’s awfully risky, but also feel time bearing down and know it may be now or never.



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