30 months in the last three years.
No at fault accidents, no moving violations in the last 5 years.
Good work history
Good credit history

If you start you will be extra board. Might be one truck all week. Might be three trucks. Management tries to keep switches to a minimum. Just makes more work for them moving you.

Pay at $.38. However you are paid hub miles. $9 an activity, so every stop is $18. Weekend incentive (you will be working weekends) is $.06 for every mile run. $42 a night layover for staying in truck. Downtime is $14 an hour. Detention after 45 minutes. ANy scheduled training will be paid at 1/!0th ADP per hour.

You will be home as scheduled. 2 days off a week unless we are busy then you will work 5.5 days and be home.

You have to live within 250 miles of domicile DC.

Good luck, and let us know if I missed something.



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