1. Hey guys I am new here and need some advice. I looking to start moving heavy equipment and I’m torn between buying a 35 Ton lowboy and getting my feet wet or just saving another 6 months and buy a 55 ton RGN with flip. My worry is I don’t want to start putting my name out there but then have to tell people sorry I cant haul your equipment because it’s to heavy. Usually you tell someone no once and they find someone else and you’ll never get another call from them again.


  2. So you get a 55 ton with a flip, you’ll still need 6 more axles to haul 55 tons, how are you going to get a lcv endorsement.
    55 tons plus 65000 empty weight is 175,000k hope you have more than a homemade 4 axle tractor to pull it.


    Landincoldfire Thanks this.

  3. Looking to pull up to 95,000lb on the trailer. What’s this LCV your talking about? How do you know how much my truck weighs when you have no clue what it is? Also why would assume I have a homemade truck?


  4. I can haul 55 ton on 8 axles


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