As it says, I’m moving to SE Ohio and I’m looking for a local driving job. I worked for Millis Transfer for a bit, but had to come home because of my wifes medical reasons. Drove local dump trucks for a bit, and now we are making a move to Ohio. I want to keep driving, as I enjoy it and It’s always paid decent and I know that the cost of living there is exceptionally lower than here in Northern Virginia.

What I was hoping for was anyone in that area, or if anyone knows of any companies that are around that area that are hiring. I need to be home nights and weekends for my wife and medical purposes. I’ve searched the interwebs and job sites and I’m not finding anything other than OTR and Regional. I know there are local companies out there that make 3 and 400 mile a day runs, I just an’t find them.

Any and all information is appreciated and I thank you in advance.

God Bless and Merry Christmas



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