Something went bonkers with my elog and it’s locked up.. Can’t do #### captain type of thing.. Honestly, was so much more relaxing not worrying about running out of hours.. I ran at my convenience, stopped when I wanted to and did what would have taken 4 days in 3 and now I’m back home..

Picked up 2 cars in CFL, ran them to Baton Rouge the same day (well 30 miles out) delivered them the next morning found a return load 4 miles away going to Ft Lauderdale. Picked it up, but didn’t go too crazy on the return stopped a bit before i75 somewhere on i10. Got up the next morning ran to Ft Lauderdale, delivered by 4:30pm then dead headed home 250 miles because it was Fri and only thing going to ORL from down there was a Lamborghini that required a enclosed trailer..

Now here is the take away.. I didn’t really cheat on miles I ran per day.. I could have ran the same miles over the same period of time on elogs. However what I did do was cheated the reset times and my 14hrs..

1st day was mostly legit.. as far as hours go but it would have been a stresser on elogs. I left the house around 11am went to a auction.. Spent 2 hrs getting 2 cars because no one was working on the “1st”. Ran somewhere around 700 miles shut down at 1am, 30 miles away from drop.

Woke up about 8:30 with no alarm set just naturally woke up.. Wasn’t in a rush to go anywhere but still slept around 8hrs. Was not at a location I could get a shower or even food for that matter , so I left and delivered my load by 10am.. Yep I didn’t do a full 10hr reset, because why twittle my thumbs for 2 more hours?

I dropped the cars ran up the road to a McDonalds ate some late breakfast then found a load going to Ft Lauderdale less than 4 miles away. Took a little bit to get squared away on the pick up, but got it loaded by 2pm.

I drove about 2 hours or so out of Baton Rouge hit a Flying J got a shower and sat down ate at Denny’s. Continued driving and stopped around 12am at a pilot off of i10 a bit before i75. Was about 400 and some change miles..

Went to sleep, got up next morning at 7am.. again not to alarm just when I woke up. Grabbed a shower, but wasn’t anything I felt like eating at the pilot so I rolled out at 8am.. Again not a full 10hr reset..

Stopped a bit later after fueling up and ate a late breakfast once again somewhere on i75 before Gainsville. Ran the turnpike down to Ft Lauderdale and delivered at 4:30ish..

Was unloaded did a quick look at the boards but Fri evening after 5pm wasn’t getting nothing so I dead headed 250 miles home stopped ate along the way, made it home around 11PM slept in my own bed..

So 3 days out.. Had I ran on elogs I think this trip would have been 3.5 days because I don’t believe I could have made it to the last drop in time so I’d have to do a reset down south and wait til Sat to unload then drive home..

So does this make me a criminal a outlaw trucker, because I ran how I felt like running, wasn’t stressed and got home a day early? I think I’m gonna build a 99 truck because this was so much nicer than running on elogs.. I get why so many guys gave up trucking once they got forced on elogs. It’s not about running a thousand miles a day and driving sleepy, but rather being a human and deciding what and when you will do something not waiting on a clock to tell you when you aren’t tired and when you are not.



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