I bought a rig back in early to mid 90’s a little kitty with quite a good package. 41,000 note said. Freight was paying around 1.50 to 1.65 with a break even on paper about 1.24 meaning that I as a driver wont make more than some of others running company trucks. Sometimes depending on bills, costs and so on less to zero or less than zero. And it will also be building a motor carrier, one truck to start with 1099 taxes out the wazoo at all levels of Government.

Being a company chump is so easy, hold steering wheel. Stay awake.

Hence savings.

For reasons not related to this thread the organization that was going to go through with this figured this deaf trucker is no go so they tore up the note and told me to scram. Lawyers looked into that one. There was alot of discrimination in those days. How dare I rise above workshop tasks and attempt to run on my own? HA…

We had a truck with one of a owners of a trucking company that were about 200+ tractors almost two times that in dane reefers and a big shop and two ternimals filled with office drones. All of them requiring payroll weekly. One week my truck got sick. Three states worth of shop dealers finally fixed the root cause (A corroded sensor inside engine block for coolant temp) It was about a 5000 dollar journey against the owner’s pocket to find and fix it. While the truck continued to fall down, throw codes shut down and overheat. Making two loads late. One a very rich and important load.

Oh yes that little sweetie can be such a #####. Take all of your money and charge up some more.



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