Day 2! First off, in the room situation, it has all finaly worked out. I have a nice room to myself. And, in the end I have to give to the folks at Swift that helped work this out. At no time did anyone even hint at not providing me the single room and to fullfil their promise and were only apologetic it was being more problematic than it should have been. It is these kinds of things that give me reason to be loyal to a company. I will remember this and sincerely appreciate their efforts.

OK. Had a big day, but not a good day. We lost FOUR students today on Medical issues. Our class is down to 12 now. Those students who did not have a medical certificate yet, got those (or left becuse they weren’t able) and the rest of us did our mandatory drug test. Both Urine and hair. I’ve always wondered if dying your hair, as I do, will effect a drug test and never seemed to be able to get a straight answer. The test technician told me today that as a test technician they are trained to use dyed hair and are not trained to use any alternative hair site when a person has dyed hair, so it seems reasonble to assess that dyed hair doesn’t effect a hair follicle test. I am unsure how long it takes to get the results of the test. I take sudafed commonly for sinus issues (yes it is ‘real’ sudafed that you have to get from the pharmacist, not the fake sudafed you get off the shelf) and I’ve heard both that it could effect a drug test and that it doesn’t. IDK, we shall see.

Besides all that we reviewed the CDL manual to help folks prepare to take their Learner’s permit test. Those that need the permit, go down on Thursday to take the test. I’m still glad I already had both my physical and learner’s permit before I got here. We wouldn’t have lost the 4 students we did to day if everyone showed up already having their physical and learner’s permit. My opinion anyway.
Still feeling good about it all and excited. Only ‘dread’ I currently have is being outside in the heat most of next week. I see the folks from the class a week ahead of us out in it this week and I feel for them. They are getting cooked royally! Today it was 111 degrees and these folks were out standing on black asphalt without any shade structure. I personally think it is a stupidly unsafe thing for Swift to be doing. A student drop dead from heat stroke and the school isn’t gonna have any reasonable defense against a hefty lawsuit in my opinion. Just my thoughts. The students that have to get out there could start at 4AM instead of 6AM and miss 2 hours of some of the hottest periods of the day by stoppin at 2PM instead of 4PM. Mostly only effects week 2 of 3 and only in the hard summertime.
One Day at a Time!!! It’s all good!!!



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