1. So I avoided the in frame as many of you may remember. I thought I was ready to start preparing to make some money with the truck. I noticed where I park it I had some drips coming from the rear axle area. I thought it was a loose hose from where the majority of the oil was. Turns out the oil was leaking from the seal of the half shaft. The place I took it said maybe it’s a seal, simple fix. They cracked it open today to find out that a few of the bearing in the half shaft were out of align. I’ll attach pics. He said he wasn’t able to pull them out and replace from the front, so he thinks he has to pull the front half of the shaft off and get the bearings out from the rear and replace. If he’s not able to do that, he may have to send it out to be done.
    Ugh!! I should have bought a new truck.


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  2. While I do not quite understand your terminology I agree with the man working on the truck. From the pictures that looks to be the power divider cover. They are no big deal to R&R and you can probably get by with a minimum expense. The jack in the box factor is always there. Never know what is inside.
    I respect your man for shooting you straight and telling you what he can will or cannot do. That is before your truck is torn apart and you have no choice.
    That’s just my opinion from your pictures.


  3. Well what’s going on with the truck?????


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  4. It’s been in the shop since my last post getting the input shaft leak fixed. They had to send something out to get bearing replaced.
    Once that’s done, they are going to look into the fan being constantly on, there’s a small air leak and put on a PTO safety cable. After all that is done, I should be done spending money for a while and can start to make some.


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  5. Yeah sometimes trucking just isn’t really worth it, unless you buy something newer then your spending 70-80 grand and those trucks always need something to. I wonder sometimes.


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  6. It never ends, just have to expect anything. My first Truck seemed to have one problem after another. Looking back, it was really only normal things that happen. Back then it was $600-$800, every 6-8 weeks, it seemed. Now the magic numbers are 2x or more than that. It doesn’t mean your Truck is a piece of Junk.They just cost money to maintain. It never ends.


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