I’m curious, did they specially promise that you’d be off weekends in writing? Also was the run multi-state or were you regional dedicated?

I’ve had a similar experience with Werner Enterprises, so I can understand you being frustrated. But sometimes the load planner screws up and doesn’t take weekends into account. Not all shippers are open on weekends, however that doesn’t excuse your dispatcher ignoring you, I agree.

I’m confused about this the most, do you mean you gave them an ETA of in the morning, or were you not able to go pick the load up right away?

How exactly did they justify billing you for the load? And when you say they denied you the vacation pay, how long had you been with the company? Because you wont even accrue vacation time until after a full years service or more, with most companies.

The not giving two weeks notice, at what point did you quit?



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