i should clarify about driving nights & hometime:

about night driving:
the company prefers drivers working 12 & 12. meaning one driver works 12 hrs & whatever work falls on their shift they do it. & then the other driver takes over for the next 12 hrs etc. so that drivers maintain a regular sleep pattern = good for safety. i have worked like that before (as a day driver, pulling doubles) & its very smooth as long as one driver is truly a night driver. meaning they prefer nights. & on their days off they are maintaining the same sleep pattern bcs that’s whats easy for them. i wish i still had my co-driver from that run cause it was so smooth.

& about hometime:
no team goes home after every run. we stay out for a min of 2 weeks at a time. so bcs the run varies in length from 5-8 days hometime is not specific its whenever it happens, might fall on a weekend or might not. if we stay out 2 wks its 2 days of HT. but we can stay out longer if wanted. Im flexible, right now I could stay out 2 – 3 wks. **but if we stay out a month we get 5-7 days of HT**. which is nice bcs then u can plan stuff. so we can work this out between us, what would you like for hometime?

hope to hear from you im ready to roll asap!



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