I’m a new driver, just over 1 yr experience.
I have 15k in a dry van

i70 has chain up across Vail, around 20⁰F so probably icy

Big storm is going to start hitting around 2pm
I am in Grand Junction and am 2 hrs out so by the time I get there, it will probably be snowing. Not to mention, I just chained up for the first time coming West i70 a couple days ago. It took me about an hour to get them dressed

Dispatch is telling me to just be safe but try and get to Wisconsin, they are “short on help” at the moment.

Already arranged a new appt for Monday, was supposed to be there Friday <12/13/19>

Should I stay here and wait it out? Or should I give it a try?

Mind you, 15,000lbs and wind is gusting up to 45mph in the mountains

I am between a rock and a hard place, looking for advice. Thanks to anyone who has a suggestion. If I were alone I would say #### it and go, but i cant put my co driver in that kind of danger



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