A buddy of mine, since grade school, has 2 box trucks a 16′ and 26′ and 2 sprinter vans. He has been trying to convince me to get a box truck or a sprinter van. He will find me a driver and will not tap my pockets percentage wise to run the vehicle. After I get up to speed it will probably be around 20%, but he will maintain drivers, loads etc. I know this is not a big rig, but I have a couple of questions. He says on avg. the sprinters do about $2700 a week at 3000 miles a week and usually clear about $1300 after gas, paying drivers, etc. They are just now running the box trucks so not sure how much that will do in a week. They buy all of their stuff used, but I was leaning towards new if I go with a sprinter and used if its a box truck. They run their vehicles coast to coast depending on the loads.

1. Do you think this is worth it as a side hustle because I have a regular 9 to 5?
2. I hear internationals as far as box trucks are a good choice, but I wanted others opinions?
3. If I go the sprinter route, then any opinions on the Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter?

Hey thanks in advance for any advice.



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