So I am new to this forum and want to say thank you for allowing me to join.

Also I recently took the jump and started driving a pilot car for an established pilot car escort service. I come from mixed background in career fire/ems and entrepreneur. Due to a fire/ems careeer ending injury I have went full time into entrepreneurship. While working as pilot car escort for established service. I have found that while the money is decent. There is tons of potential in larger profits if I start my own pilot car service. Does anyone have suggestions of getting new business. I have several heavy haul owner operators who I work for directly and can bring with me if I start running my own car. But other than getting on with combined, sentinel, acme, landstar as approved escort. Is there any other tips for securing more loads? I have watched as the owner I work for who owns several pilot cars has made well over 300k a year. I made over 40k driving for them as non owner operator. So my goal which I think is attainable is bringing in at least 100k my first year as owner operator running own pilot car.

FYI I know that there are lots of pilot cars but there is only a select group that are true professionals with pride in there vehicles and the service they provide. I am not going to be running a car held together by duck tape or god forbid running a high pole on the rear of the car I.e. major pet peave. There is money to be made in the escort industry but as with any business it requires hard work and dedication. I appreciate any and all feedback including any Crap talking.



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