Landed a P/T gig on Saturdays with a local fuel hauler to supplement my income (currently work for a Cryo/Gas company) since my location’s busy season drops off in March/April. I’m stoked because I’ve wanted to pull fuel in the worst way since I got my license and I finally have my chance to do so. The company is relatively tiny, only has 4 trucks at this (1 of 2) location but runs 24/7. Did my drug screen today after the company’s insurance carrier confirmed I was insurable, will do my road test next week and begin training.

Manual trucks, 100% gravity fed tank fleet, zero logging (due to the 100 air mile radius) and a FMCSA exemption to taking a break if going over 12 hours… a total stark contrast from what I’m used to and I’m thrilled to be getting back into a manual, at least for one of my work days.

Any advice for a new tanker yanker other than the obvious things like paying attention to what you’re dropping, etc? I’m nervous about the process of going to a terminal and loading at a fuel rack.



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