1. Got my six months in the beginning of this month.
    Just got home late last night. First time in three months.
    Changed terminals at work. Came close to quitting. Opted for other terminal. Seems to be working out good.
    I’ll post other for many more thoughts that might help someone looking into this…


  2. I bought one of those Purple Seat cushions yesterday.
    Yes, it is great. Would suggest it for anybody. Worth the price. I got the newest double whatever. It was $99.


  3. Found something cute. My freightliner has a big shelf above the windshield. It’s big and can keep lotsa stuff in it. Can’t reach it when driving. So what did I do? Pushed the air to pump the seat up. With my feet hanging freely. I can reach right in there and get whatever. Then lower. I thought it was funny. Works great.


  4. Just got home last night. First time in three months. Geesh! I’m spending all day just getting caught up. I feel like a basket case that is coming together right now. Taking care of all kinds of stuff.


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  6. I got a $30 cushion from amazon that has the silicone “egg carton” cushion in a neoprene cover. It’s very good, no complaints. I could only do about 2 hours in the stock Freightliner seat.


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  7. Consider me subscribed to your thread sir


  8. I’m miss that cubby hole , the new don’t have it.
    Allways thought it incredibly stupid to have gotten rid of that.


  9. Same with KW T680, except the cubby is on the top of driver seat. It’s pretty high so pump the seat to get whatever and then lower it. I agree that it’s kind of funny.


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  10. Yada, yada, yada! My favorite subject.


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