I am not surprised. We have been seeing computer generated humans in some realism involving gaming for sometime now. Its not hard to transfer that to a live tv situation in sufficient detail to fool anyone.

It would be a form of not having to pay anchor salary or any of that. Just have a intern type up the programmed news spew and run the tape at the scheduled broadcast time.

I do have Chinese news programming on my satellite which is their english version out of Bejing and find that they never allow any material that is upsetting or disturbing to the people at large in China or in America. Everything is so bland, peaceful and illusion of happy happy joyful living without any kind of trouble. With the constant implication that if there IS a problem China as a State will take care of that right quick.

American media isnt much better to be honest.I followed tornados and icing in the Western Maryland and PA that is still going on and expanding this early in the morning. The satellite is doing a good job following more of the same at this hour. And trying to round up how many we have lost or have been hurt etc and where. The Internet is the main source of things as they happen across many sources. Thats where I usually get a cross reference or a more detailed information about something where possible.

However these AI computer imaging programmed to be like humans? Its not for me. However it’s inevitable considering where we have gotten to with the current computer technology.



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