Short and sweet this time. I promise.

Afraid to admit this. But at the point of, facing it.

I have been studying all on my own since the beginning. I passed the DMV CDL CLP Test first time.

But. I need to ask myself now. After continuing to study on my own prior to the Community College CDL Course start in just 8 and a half days now. – How much of the fact that I passed that CLP test first go was my ability to cram with the aid of practice tests and to memorize the basic necessary answers?


When it comes to the actual class, where they said I will be driving the very first day(Why? I don’t know. Because I passed the CLP already? And they believe I should be able to slip in to where the class members are currently at in the course?) – When it comes to the actual class and practical performance and demonstration of the parts, components and their functions on a Tractor Trailer. ie The Pre-Trip Inspection Test, The Skills Test, and The Road Test – Without any experience what-so-ever – No family members to have helped guide me – No friends or a spouse in the business to actually spend time on the road with – No Military experience –

Who am I foolin’?

Have I just invested 4 Grand into something destined for failure?

Just because I have had more OTR long distance driving in a car than some, and really enjoyed it, does not mean anything.

The pre-class jitters and doubts are cycling in my mind over and over now. Do these people at the community college even care that I am a single mother with a dependent adult child with challenges who is trying to make it alone with no support?

Or did or do they just want that tuition?

What I am saying here is this. Will a Community College CDL Program truly be able to teach someone with no experience as I have described above to pass the DMV CDL Exams and will they truly care about my attaining gainful employment?

I wonder if it is to late to get out of this. I will be really ashamed to ask. I am ashamed to tell you all.

I have no one forum members. It is just me. – I saw a video made by a carrier, of a woman who left home at 17 – I think may have been in foster care or it was some sort of bad situation and, she got her CDL.(after years in retail 1st) No experience. – Been OTR many years since. Happy and taking care of herself.

I know this thread is gonna take some hard hits but. I am at that point. I really need to ask now. And yes. I did think about this course and career choice pretty hard before enrolling. I have always wondered if I could do this, when I see the trucks on the road. Because I love OTR. Love it.

~ Gamgee ~ wants to set out on the journey – would do anything for a Frodo – looks down at self – No Frodo – No Fellowship – No Map



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