uhhh….I AM senior citizen…and i ain’t upset.

i just think that the manufacturers are cutting thier noses off, to spite thier faces.

Ford, as only one example, will only have the mustang, then all SUV’s, pick ups.

frankly, i do not see everyone running to buy Mustangs any time too soon, just for a car.

the japanese makers still have sedans and will continue to, well into the future.

here is what “i see happening” at the dealerships that have no new cars to offer.

customers will go to say Toyota, or Honda, or Kia, or Hyndai, for a sedan.

then, if someone like the spouse/significant other, wants an SUV, they will buy that, where they bought thier car, as it’ll be convenient to go to ONE dealership for both vehicles, rather than 2 separate ones.

i think too that the SUV sales will bottom out and one of 2 things will happen.

1) that manufacturer, will go under

2) that manufacturer will bring back sedans, maybe AWD instead of say front wheel drive only. but it’ll be a hard sell, to get the faithful sedan buyers of that maker, to come back.



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