Havent even been a week since my trailer line broke and was broke down and now I had another breakdown.

Made my delivery and went back to my truck as usual, turn my key and….nothing. the usual click and gauge resets like usual but when you turn it the only sound you get is the turbo running and that’s it. Had to sit for 5 hours with no heat in -12 weather till a mechanic could get to me, battery power was only able to run the bunk heater for 1 hour till it failed.

When they got here they tried jump starting it and still nothing. Then one started hitting the starter with a hammer while I turned the key and after a bit it turned over. Drove it to a dealership and am now sitting waiting on the repair.

Just needed to vent and to warn about breaking down in winter. Had a lot of covers so managed to maintain my body heat but the inside of my cab got below 0 by the time they got to me. Make sure you have water some dry food and plenty of warm clothe to wrap yourself in in case you have to survive for a bit without heat.



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