1. So my boss, with whom I love dearly. Is a techy gadget guy. He bought 6 2018 VNL 630’s, 5 2019 VNL 740’s. And 15 2020 Volvo VNL 740’s in the 6X2 lift axle configuration. To pull food grade. He loves the tech. However after pouring over the data…We as a company are going back to a 6×4 and Duals.
    So in three years our entire fleet will be switched over trucks and trailers. I’m either way on it. Really. I like to think I can drive anything safely. But seeing the data from our reefer trucks, (6×4 and duals) and food grade trucks, (6×2 and lift axle) I see why.


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  2. Yeah, I I’m not understanding the point of this post……


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  3. Basically wide base are wearing out on everything to the point of not being worth it. We’re pulling tires with good tread depth due to irregular wear patterns. And the fact the 6×2’s fuel savings isn’t offsetting anything. My drives on my 2019 were taken off at 96,000.


  4. I’m shocked and appalled.


  5. Interesting, I was considering going to singles for the summer, mostly for fuel savings.
    Did you talk to a tire tech to see the cause of wear? Possibly inflation or alignment?


  6. The truth about super singles, tire manufacturers figured one man can make a $800 tire in the same amount of time it takes to make a $400 tire.
    They then came up with the hype about how much they can save trucking company’s ,the bean counters bought it and the rest is history.


  7. I’ve always wondered why if super singles are so good how come the distributors who make them Bridgestone/Firestone etc etc dont run them on their own trucks? Atleast not that I’ve seen…


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