i really enjoy visiting my farms and picking up their milk. these people will give you the coat off their backs. great people. a couple of weeks ago i was taking the road to my farm, its a very steep hill. it was ice that morning, the roads were like glass, it came on fairly suddenly and the highway depts had dropped the ball. i made it over the steepest part of the hill, but it continues on an upgrade all the way to the farm. i was spinning the tires all the way up the hill creeping (with power divider AND both axles locked). i realized the truck tandems were slowly walking towards the shoulder and ditch. i carry anthracite coal ash (a bi-product of heating my home), i dumped that on the road surface and tires. i got moving again although very slowly and still spinning the tires. my farmer came up the road with bags of salt, he salted the road by hand all the way to the farm…… exceptional guy, i consider him a friend his name is rob harkins.

yesterday i delivered at load to the plant and 4am. i got to my farm, i opened the cabinet to setup my pump and valves…… oh crap, i realized i left the adapter for the wash (from the plant) in my cabinet. i saw the farmer and informed him i was going to have to unhook my trailer and bob tail back to the plant to return what i had accidentally taken with me. he immediately offered his pickup, i offered to put gas in it….. he says dont worry about it. nice old man, he is known as duke ( i do not know if that’s his birth name LOL).

seems like farmers are always wiling to help in the time of need, they are great people. they work too hard with limited reward. i have far more respect for them then any celebrity, actor, politician, or CEO.

my job is not perfect but i think i have some of the best customers a CDL driver can ask for…… dairy farmers.



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