1. I have a 2009 Prostar with a ISX and with fuel I am always 13,400 on front axle. Well yesterday in Tennessee the scale put me OOS. The dot cop said almost every prostar or Volvo are over on there front axle and I had 3 options
    1, slide my 5th wheel
    2, move my load
    3, get load range H tires
    Well 5th wheel all the way back, 23 pallets evenly loaded and tarped 14,440 on weight.
    So I guess I needed to replace my 3 month old steer tires. Called around and 3 miles away was a Goodyear dealer with 2 load range H tires. I dropped the trailer went over the scale and was 13,400 the cop told me either tow it to the tire shop or have them come to you….so they came and put 2 new tires on and I was good to go. But that dosen’t solve the problem. How can I increase the weight rating on my front axle. Or remove a fuel tank,my APU, or my headache rack…because the next time I will really be in a jam…


  2. Probably adding a few more leafs should do it.


  3. Try only fueling 1 tank


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