2014 Prostar with Maxxforce 13

I started having to do frequent regen Cycles at about 600,000 MI. The truck would periodically put out this dense Ash smoke which the dealership has told me is actually the filter being processed during a regular regen.
I had what some people call a shake and bake done – the d o c and filter were baked and cleaned.
Following that, they told me that for some reason there it wasn’t consistently getting up the temperatures during a regeneration.
They ran four Cycles and twice it got to Temp and twice it did not.
They told me that it might need a new DOC or a new doser.
At that point I did neither because what they have done so far they charged me $6,000 for and it pretty well drain my account.
But I noticed that jump from an average of 6 miles to the gallon to almost nine miles to the gallon. It ran better I had more power – everything seemed great for a month or so.
At that point my mileage started dropping like crazy and I started having parked Regens about every 3 days.
Recently, I had to replace an intercooler hose after finding a hole in it. My performance improved and I didn’t have a regen cycle for a couple weeks. I thought okay maybe that was the issue. It wasn’t.
I’m back to having more frequent regen Cycles. It smokes like mad when it has a regen.
It hasn’t used a drop of coolant or oil.
The last two days I’ve had to do three regens and my fuel economy is down to 5.5.
This is just not sustainable so I’ve got to figure something out.

Another shop that I’ve spoken with said that the DOC idea was ridiculous. Said that if it really needed a doc it wouldn’t be half and half it would just not be working.
That leaves me with the possibility of the doser injector which I understand is usually replaced at 400 or 500 thousand miles and mine is still original.
Before I drop more money on this Beast can anybody tell me if this sounds like a reasonable conclusion? I appreciate it.



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