1. First day on a truck after been off for weeks, my partner was driving n i was n the sleeper for 4hrs n we stop for rest room break. So i put myself off duty break n it said i violated the passenger rule. I never had this happen before. So what is this rule?


  2. The passenger rule says that you can be riding in a moving CMV in the passengers seat off duty for up to two hours immediately before or after at least 8 hours line 2. If you didn’t have any off duty in a moving CMV (including before you went to line 2) then you didn’t violate the rule.


  3. Plus, you can leave the sleeper to go to the restroom without going off line two. DOT has stated they don’t expect or want drivers to have to change duty status just for a call of nature.


  4. Nobody has to leave the sleeper area if you keep your pee bottle with in easy reach ;)


  5. That’s not what the Pennsylvania state policeman told me when he wrote me up for falsification for not logging off duty when I left the sleeper to go to the bathroom.


  6. I was taught anything under 14 minutes doesn’t need to be logged legally, and a nature break is less than that. If they ever start pushing logging line 1 when you run to the bathroom I’m gonna flag them all as “taking a piss.” Logging a leak is just more information than DOT needs.


  7. Try stopping at a rest area and then not recording it because it is under your 14 minutes and then get stopped and explain why there is no change of duty.


  8. And how would dot know you stopped? I log all stops, but I’m not in the habit of logging and flagging when I wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak. Like I said, that’s more information than the government needs about me.


  9. Because my friend did not know he was sitting up the road and watching trucks come out of the rest area and then stopping them to see if they logged. He got a false log ticket for it.


  10. Was he in Arizona?


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