YOU by your own mouth branded yourself in the DOT world, Doctors as a drug user. Pot. Which is illegal for big trucks and illegal federally. Definately a controlled Susbtance which possession of without prescription or card from doctor is also illegal.

It stays in your hair up to a year. Weeks in your body fat and urine a while. You are literally dirty. So there is no point in testing you because you WILL come up dirty, hot, positive etc vs the MRO.

They can test whatever is in front of them or out of your body in a cup, blood or whatever. Hair too. If they did have a positive finding then their hands are tied. You are branded. And generally for those “Caught” with hot results have to undergo at your own expense a year long SAP designed to weed out addicts from the trucking industry permanently.

To get a doctor to certify that you do not (By your own admission) use drugs or have a addiction, dependance etc is to literally ask that doctor to take on the DEA at the Federal Level and vouch for you to be virtious and not a dependant, abuser, diverter, sales, felon, illegal drug user etc. etc etc etc. Most doctors are smart enough not to do this.

It will cost you a block of time in your life. You must choose to give up pot if you want trucking. You cannot and will not have both.

I applaud you being honest. That’s good. At the same time that’s bad. Especially when you are in fact doing something you know you should not. Or cannot legally.



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