So here are some interesting DSNY Statistics:

Collection Trucks:
DSNY Operates 2,230 Collection Trucks (Mostly Heil Formula 5000s)
Compare that to the City of Cleveland, Ohio (Also a big Heil Customer by the way.Although the city of Cleveland has a mix between Heil, Loadmaster, Leach and Newway and Whittke for some reason the city of Cleveland likes to have a hodgepodge of trucks.) City of Cleveland which operates 75 Collection Trucks! Or the Rich well off Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Pepper Pike which operates (3) 31 yard Leach 2RII.

DSNY Operates 450 Mechanical Brooms
Compare that to the City of Rocky River, Ohio which owns 1 Elgin, Pleican.

New York City has 58 Waste Transfer Stations.

Chicago America’s “Second City” only has 11 transfer Stations.
City of Cleveland, Ohio has the famous Ridge Road Transfer Station on the West Side.

$2.3 Billion Dollars is the annual cost for waste collection in the city of New York.

The City throws out 10,000 tons of residential trash a day, which is collected by DSNY. Which is equal to 3.8 million tons a year of municipal waste.

4 million tons of trash are generated each year by the city’s business those are collected by private waste haulers and cartage companies.

$251.00 bucks a ton to collect garbage in NYC. That means each route which is about 12 tons costs the city $3,012.00.

$3,012 x 2,230= $6.7 million dollars a day if they run all there trucks on refuse collection routes.

Costs the city $629.00 a ton to collect recyclables.

The City has 7,200 uniformed “Sanmen” street level garbage collectors.

2014 79,000 average vehicle miles daily traveled.

New York City has 58 sanitation districts or garages (words are interchangeable) (*Nagle page 14)

Queens Collection District is one of the biggest in the city it is so big it is split into 2 garage facilities and runs 185 Collection Trucks and 72 Recycling Trucks a week.



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