And your fuel is going to run about 30-35% depending on some variables. I get about $3k to the truck to take one out to western WA or OR and the fuel bill is easily $1k of that. If you count food, showers and misc. expenses of being out on the road 8-9 days you can scrub another $250-300 or so from the bottom line. Of course that doesn’t even address the truck itself…payment, insurance, maintenance and repair, etc. My truck is paid off but it is an oldy that needs attention and $$$ all the time…never ending as anybody who runs a truck knows full well. Bobtail/NTU policy is about $170/mo but I have a physical damage policy and some other extras so that is a little higher than it would need to be.

If you stayed in hotels every night and had a $1000/mo truck payment you definitely wouldn’t make any money. To make any real money in RV’s you need a roll off trailer to move 2 or 3 at a time and then backhauls are a possibility. At that point you are better off in a big truck though. Safer and wont wear out as fast as the little trucks.

It is a fun and easy job say April-Oct. Nov-March its not a great deal for safety reasons and the salt and rocks will beat your truck up and also you can be held liable for rock damage to the front of the trailer.



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