Radio: Cobra 29 LX
Truck: New style Cascadia
Distance: Not sure as I haven’t quite figured out what route I need to take to get from the radio to the battery. Presumably, 25 feet would be enough, don’t you think?

My radio sits on the dash above the FM radio, rather than up in the cubby hole they’ve built for it in the overhead console. In that hole, it was hard to reach (I’m short) and angled such that you can’t see the display. So, I put it on the dash. I was thinking of maybe drilling a small hole in the flat part that the CB radio sits on and then run the power cord to the left behind the instrument cluster and then down out underneath the body somehow to the batteries. But that’s wishful thinking; I have no idea what it looks like underneath the truck and whether or not that is even possible.

The “easy” route I’ve seen has been @craig_sez going to the fuse box on the passenger side interior. But I’m concerned about noise from all the electrical things being routed through there.

Would running to the jumper posts in the engine compartment be a viable alternative if I can’t get to the battery directly? Maybe there’s a hole in the firewall I can go through.



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