Hi Shaggy, it is true DOT doesn’t mess with us, and few Postal Drivers have ever driven regional, let alone OTR. Yes the money is great, and I’m home every day or night depending on your shift.

No it is not true that the Post Office targets minorities. However there are some geographical areas where most are black. I think this is due to the Post Office not advertising work very often…you need to know where to look. Thus the open jobs are networked through existing employees. At one facility I worked at I was one of 8 white drivers and 92 black drivers.

I now work at a facility where out of 38 drivers, 4 take home over $100,000 a year. There are an incredible number of overtime opportunities. I don’t tap into OT much anymore. We have 8 PSE’sthey make less an hour than we do, and have no benefits for the first year, but once you get turned over, it is like they just throw money at you, every 5 months you are getting a raise, it is almost obscene. Just do your job and get payed.



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